“Would you like a bag for ten cents?” No, thank you.

Turtle trapped in plastic bags
“Turtle trapped in plastic bags”

Over the years, there’s been a huge controversy in the United States, especially in California, whether or not to ban plastic bags. Up to this day, plastic bags have not yet been entirely prohibited in California, although there is a small fee in most places for plastic/paper bags. Everywhere you go shopping nowadays, either at a grocery store or at a retail store, you are asked the typical question, “would you like a bag for ten cents?” Because most people rather save that extra ten to fifty cents, they take their own reusable bags or decide to carry their items.

Don’t feel ashamed of looking stingy if you decide to not to pay for a bag, especially if it’s a plastic one. Next time you refuse to pay for a bag, especially a plastic one, feel proud of yourself! Why? Because you are doing the environment a huge favor by keeping the ocean one bag less, free. Plastic bags have done a lot of harm to the Earth because they are usually dumped inappropriately by people and businesses that make use of them. The cause of deaths of animals living in or near the sea, is mainly due to plastic bags, bottles, etc. Substances that are used to produce plastic bags are highly toxic. Because bags usually decompose to bits and pieces in soil, they are washed off to the ocean. According to an article from Greener Ideal, turtles choke and suffocate with plastic “as they mistake carrier bags for jelly fish.”

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